Cabaret Parisien, Hotel Nacional de Cuba

Show ¨Cubano, Cubano ¨ celebrating the 500th anniversary of the foundation of the San Cristóbal village of Havana, capital of Cuba.

Unique stage to enjoy a musical-dance atmosphere that transmits the legacy of the most representative rhythms of Cuban Culture.

The codes of the Cuban tradition of the musical show are present in this new production that pays tribute to the great lady of Cuba, Havana, in perfect combination with the glamour that identifies the ¨Cabaret Parisién¨ ball room located in the ¨Hotel Nacional de Cuba¨, space from where since almost 90 decades ago it is we exposed the most authentic and genuine of our National Culture.

Our show is a valuable exponent that conveys how transculturation was achieved with the presence of the great Indo-American, Spanish, Caribbean and African cultures, syncretism of the culture that brings as a happy result the Creole flavor that characterizes the Cuban people.

Welcome to enjoy the show directed by the artistic director Rafael Hernandez and his cast of more than 100 people including dancers, singers, musicians and technicians.

Unique opportunity to enjoy and learn more about Cuba.

Reservations in our Tourism Bureau 78363564 Ext. 119, Direct: 78363663,

Entrance 9.00 pm,

Show Start: 10.00 pm until midnight.

Special offer with dinner and bar services.


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